Nachlese: Sibiu Economic Conference

Artikel aus dem Journal „Invest in transylvania“, Seite 39:

The three-day European Economic Conference of small and medium-sized enterprises took place in April 2016 in one of the most dynamic economic regions in Eastern Europe. As a strategic point of departure for the development of Eastern European markets as well as those outside the EU, Sibiu is a shining example of the excellent location factors on offer in the heart of Transylvania. The city boasts a modern infrastructure which is nestled in the magnificent Carpathian mountain landscape, the city offers a wonderful mix of culture, historical tradition and modernity. The multi lingual population are friendly to visitors and open to new ideas. The rich academic population of more than 20,000 students from the three universities shape the cityscape, and a spirit of new growth is everywhere. This was also noticed by the company visitors, where we were presented the latest products and companies in the region. We were all very impressed and proud of the economic and structural transformation in preparation of the coming of a new age.

In addition to getting to know the companies, the European Economic Conference was marked by an exchange of knowledge and new ideas. The high-profile lectures also provided a deeper and more differentiated insight into Romania and the region of Transylvania. The discussions after the lectures as well as at the dinners contributed to a suitable environment in which new contacts could be made. New networks with the most important actors were quickly developed between the much valued entrepreneurs as well as association representatives. Politicians and authorities were also present. The choice of Sibiu as the location for the European Economic Conference was fantastic from a communication point of view, as many different European languages are spoken everywhere.

The Old Town, which is characterised by Danubian architecture, is very well preserved and has been extensively restored after Sibiu’s award as the European Capital of Culture in 2007, with over 100 million euros being invested in the restauration. With a 3% unemployment rate in Sibiu, there is almost full employment in the city. Furthermore, since 2000, the city has had a successful mayor in Klaus Johannis, who was elected President of Romania in 2014. His successor, Mrs. Astrid Fodor, promised the conference participants to support every investment in the region financially, organisationally and legally.

Christian Mainka
Secretary for Economic Development and Project Management for the City of Wennigsen, Germany

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